A portrait of Rod Whitman, Wolf Creek's course designer

Rod has now completed several golf courses around the world since his first design at Wolf Creek but, he still harks back to the land he first walked in 1981. There are very few sand belt areas in the world that could compare to this property. Rod pioneered his design in Canada long before it became a popular movement with today's architects. He utilized natural landscape to create a stunning and traditional golf course that has touring professionals and amateurs alike applauding his efforts. It is one of those unique mystical places that only comes around once in a lifetime.

"You'd swear that somebody just airlifted you right onto the coast of England or Scotland"

Scott Dunlap, former Canadian Tour Professional now playing on the Nationwide Tour

Rod Whitman's Design Philosophy

Strategic design coupled with great contour – whether natural or manmade – is the essence of golf architecture.

Every property is unique. Showcasing and enhancing a site's natural attributes relative to interesting golf – contour and slope, wind angles, vegetation, views, etc. – always produces the best results.

The only way to create golf courses of remarkable distinction is to allow inherent site characteristics drive design.

The world's best golf courses were not created in two-dimensions in a downtown office. While nearly every golf course development starts with preliminary concepts on paper, actual creation of a golf course should be a fluid process which evolves as construction progresses.

This is why it's extremely important for golf architects to spend an extraordinary amount of time on-site throughout construction. This is the only way we can take most advantage of previously unforeseen opportunities which always present themselves as golf holes are being shaped.

We, at Rod Whitman Golf Course Design Ltd., consistently endeavor to genuinely allow inherent site characteristics drive our golf course designs, through utilization of those unique characteristics featuring at each and every property we're fortunate to work at– as a means to create golf courses of true distinction.

Rod's latest project Cabot Links in Inverness, Nova Scotia is slated to open on June 28, 2012!

For more information on Rod Whitman and his projects visit www.rodwhitman.com